"White On Black" 5x5 Commission

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Limited Availability!

Christmas is almost here, why not gift someone (or yourself) with a orginal painting!

5"x5" painting of a single character/object of 'your' choosing painted with only white ink (possibly with additional one accent colour) on black acid free 300mg paper.

Please have few characters/objects/ideas in mind. Only characters from popular culture (actors, musicians, movie characters etc.), meaning sorry, I won't paint your mother-in-law etc ;)

Don't hesitate to contact me first to see if your idea for painting can be done in for Christmas! If your order is not for Christmas please let me know so I can prioritize everyone correctly.

I plan on having all orders shipped latest second week of December 2018. I don't guarantee shipping time but in US/Canada my shipping method takes 2-4 days. Europe can take up to 2 weeks.

All purchases are final.